A bit about me

Last updated atDecember 3rd 2020

My name is Niklas Kors. A very versatile do-it-all kinda guy. With my knowledge of newly emerged technologies like Node.js, Angular/ React and AWS/Google Cloud I’m able to work on every aspect of web related projects. Present me with a technical challenge and I’m sure I’ll come up with a plan to implement the solution.

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# TL;DR Resume

  • 🗓8+ years of Full-Stack software experience
  • ⭐️Worked with 60+ clients
  • 👨🏼‍💻 I work at a amazing startup called Relive
  • 🧙🏼‍♂️ Cloud infrastructure wizard. Terraform + AWS
  • 💻Go to programming language = JavaScript/TypeScript + Node.js
  • 💡Certified AWS Solutions Architect
  • 🇳🇱 Currently located in the Netherlands
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The things I know

(Lot's of things I do not)

Quite a while ago when I was at the age of sixteen I started out with programming in PHP and C#. Although I enjoyed these back then, it turned out that using JavaScript across the entire stack proofed itself to be more powerful. Especially when combined with strong typings provided by TypeScript. Needles to say JavaScript is now my go-to programming language and thanks to this I’m now able to easily switch through different disciplines of software development.

A sample of a powerful all- JavaScript setup within AWS. The power of this setup is that it scales extremly well and everything can be maintained using the same programming language.

While having the most experience with setups similar to the above I’m also able to work on application and infrastructure projects that include other technologies. I listed some of the technologies I’m most familiar with below.

  • - AWS
  • - Terraform
  • - Kubernetes
  • - Debian GNU/linux
  • - GCP
  • - Node.js
  • - Angular >2.x
  • - React SPA/Native
  • - PHP
  • - C#

Work experience

Ranging from startups to enterprise

I worked for a variety of different companies as well as for my own marketing agency called Web First. At Web First we provided small to medium sized businesses with websites/webshops/SPA’s as well as SEO optimizations. At our peak we worked on these projects with a team of 10 (very) young professionals. At this stage we used to host all of our websites together with email accounts on our own dedicated servers. However, during my time at Web First I was still in the process of getting my degree which required me to do an internship for six months.

This internship which I completed at Lightspeed showed me the beauty of working on larger applications. So after Lightspeed I decided to join Datlinq to gain some additional experience with writing application code.
I decided to take this to the next level by joining a fast growing startup called Relive. This startup let’s their users create videos of their outdoor activities through it’s own IOS/Android app. When I joined, Relive already had over 2 million users and was creating ~250K videos a week. Currenlty Relive has +9 million users and we now produce over 200K videos in a single day! I mainly worked on scaling the infrastructure to this level as well as adding new features on the backend.

Relive logo
Full-stack developer - Relive | Rotterdam
From jun 2018 - today
Datlinq logo
Full-stack developer - Datlinq | Rotterdam
From sep 2017 - jun 2018
Web First logo
Managing partner - Web First | Heerhugowaard
From jan 2013 - dec 2017
Lightspeed logo
Front-end developer intern - Lightspeed | Gent
From jan 2017 - jun 2017


HBO - Business IT & Management - INholland | Alkmaar

From 2013 - 2017

Subjects: Web Markup, Web Design, Networking, Process Modeling, ICT Management, Internet Technology, Computer Architecture, Data Modeling, BIV, C#.NET, Marketing, Databases, ASP.NET, AO, UML, XML, SQL Server, Data warehousing.

Highschool - Senior General Secondary Education - Han Fortmann College | Heerhugowaard

From 2011 - 2013

Subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Music, English, Dutch, German, Social Studies, Philosophy, ICT.

Highschool - Senior General Secondary Education - Elzendaalcollege | Boxmeer

From 2010 - 2011

Subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Music, English, French Dutch, German, Social Studies, Philosophy, ICT.

Highschool - Senior General Secondary Education - Realschule | Kleve

From 2008 - 2010